Quality Policy

The quality policy of NIPRO JMI Pharma(NJP) is to ensure the customer satisfaction by manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceutical products through continuous development of its people by identifying training need assessment to comply with national and international quality standard. NJP encourages its employees always to strive for excellence and for continual improvement. The company recognizes that its people and their knowledge, experience and professionalism are the vital part by which its business policy can be achieved.

In the quality issue, NJP believes that it is an incessant process for which we are striving to touch it at every moment. NJP is committed to adhere strictly with current Good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) recommended by World Health Organization(WHO) for every step of its operation.

NJP focuses on Total Quality Management System (TQMS) in designing, maintaining, assessing, improving and implementing and overall quality assurance at every step of operations to materialize its philosophy to ensure the highest level of quality healthcare services in favor of mankind.